Intake process

Ahead of the Curve Physiotherapy provides therapy for all kinds of physiotherapy problems in an environment that is particularly well-suited to the needs of clients with pelvic floor concerns. Assessments commonly take 1-1.25 hours and follow-ups are 45-60 minutes. The entire session is 1:1 with your physiotherapist, behind a closed door, in a private, quiet environment.

Your patient intake form will be emailed to you in advance for you to complete on your own time. We will review it together during your assessment.

When we meet, we’ll do a thorough and comprehensive assessment, including medical history, physical activity and goals, moving to a physical assessment of global movement and specific problem areas.

You will be provided with a detailed explanation of your condition and treatment options.

Treatment may include muscle rebalance and core stability exercises, changes in habitual patterns of movement or alignment, acupuncture or dry needling, as well as hands-on physiotherapy techniques such as soft tissue release and joint mobilisation.

100% Commitment to sensitive practice
Bowel, bladder and pelvic pain issues can be difficult topics for many people to discuss and for which to seek treatment. Clients will receive excellent treatment in a caring, confidential and respectful environment regardless of their problem.